To the class of 2017 from one CPUT's youngest PhD graduates

To the class of 2017 from one CPUT's youngest PhD graduates

REMEMBER DR LUKHANYO MEKUTO? Earlier this year he became one of the youngest PhD graduates at CPUT.
Here's his message to the #Matric#Classof2017.

To the class of 2017, you deserve to congratulate yourselves for reaching this far. Some were unable to reach to the level that you have; a demonstration of your dedication and competence. However, your sense of achievement for having reached thus far must not engulf you in thinking that you have passed the “ultimate test”. On the contrary, it is mainly a stepping stone that will elevate you to prosperity. As you study for your final exams, do not let self-centeredness and selfishness dominate you. Rather, share the knowledge and information that you possess and extend a hand of help with those who are struggling academically. Moreover, do not let the fear of failure dominate you as it will affect your performance negatively during your examinations. Instead, have a positive attitude and be confident, which must be accompanied by well-preparedness for each subject you will be writing. It is important to highlight that success is highly related to preparedness; therefore, invest time and be committed to each task that you will be facing. That will guarantee your elevation.

Stay true to yourself, study hard and wise, and don’t let external forces disturb you from your main focus.

All the best for your exams and remember "your altitude is determined your attitude, not your aptitude" Zig Ziglar

Dr Lukhanyo Mekuto (DEng, MWISA)
* Mekuto is currently doing a Post Doctoral Fellowship at CPUT.